Beginning of the Year Thoughts!

Hey, here’s a fun quiz.  :-)  Turns out I’m a Traveling Extroverted Self-Knower.  Neat!  I also learned via this quiz that my sister has done some fun things without me, such as "jump off a cliff into water" and "go on a road trip with no predetermined destination".  What!  Fun without ME!  No fair!  (I blame her Cool and Adventurous Friend Rachel.  She’s suspiciously fun.) 

It’s always surprising to me when there’s something one of us has done that the other hasn’t.  I’m still like, "OMG, Kari, how could you go to Costa Rica without me?!" and she’s all, "um, dude?  That was my honeymoon."  Like, whatEVER.

It’s 2009!  Hooray!  I was going to talk some more about resolutions, but then I got to write a guest post over at the HarperTeen MySpace blog, so I wrote about it there instead — check it out!  Especially if you’re looking for actual writer-y talk, as I used up my weekly quotient over there.  🙂

Which means that over here I can instead regale you with some ridiculous photos!  Yay!  See, for New Year’s last week we went to one of those murder mystery dinner parties with two other couples, where we all dressed up as (in this case) Italian gangsters (essentially) (although my "stilettos" looked suspiciously like "woolly socks") and tried to figure out which of us was the murderer.  Fun!  This is the game we did:


And it was pretty hilarious.  Mainly I picked it because it’s designed for six guests instead of eight, but they have an additional two guests you can invite, who aren’t suspects and get no lines.  Luckily, I know someone who doesn’t need lines to be the star of the party!

I BEG your pardon.

That’s Sunshine as Clair Voyant, the gypsy astrologer!  She was tremendously enthused about this, I assure you.  ;-)  But don’t worry; she only had to wear all that long enough for some glamour shots.

Oh, yeah.  That’s enthusiasm on my face, all right.  

Yes, she is SUPER-shaggy at the moment and will be getting a haircut tout suite, now that she’s had follow-up X-rays and it looks like her leg is healing perfectly!  Hooray!  Resilient little bionic dog!  We’ll be leaping hurdles again in no time!  Once it’s warm enough outside, that is.  (BRRRR DISAPPROVING BRRR.)

In other news, remember that 6-Word Memoir book I mentioned a while ago?  Well, not only did my splendid perfect sister Kari give it to me for Christmas, she also gave me this!:


It’s my own six-word memoir shirt!


YAY!  How COOL is that??  VERY COOL.  Extremely excellent present!  As are the trillion books she gave me.  I suspect there will be lots of these on next year’s Favorite Books list!  🙂

One of the things I gave her is an alarm clock that wakes you up slowly with aromatherapy and nature noises.  I was sort of tempted to give her the one where the clock literally leaps into the air and flies around the room beeping so you have to get out of bed and chase it down to turn it off (for real!  not making this up!), but that seemed, you know…CRUEL AND UNUSUAL. 

What she really needs, though, is a new DVR, because OMG TV is starting again YAY THANK GOODNESS because December is always such a barren TV wasteland.  Actually, normally January is, too, but this year all these wonderful favorite shows are suddenly coming back (or starting), and I am TRES EXCITED.

The Dates You Need To Know (in my esteemed opinion):

Wednesday, Jan. 7:  Damages!  Dark and twisty!  We watched the half-hour recap tonight and were SO confused, even though we fully watched the first season, which wasn’t that long ago, was it?  But I have to wrap my brain around all the twistiness again…still, v. exciting!

Friday, Jan. 16:  Friday Night Lights!  Man, I love this show.  Heartwarming and funny and real and genius.

Also Jan. 16:  Battlestar Galactica!  FINALLY!  The final episodes!  The FINAL CYLON!  My head is exploding already.  EEEEEE!

Wednesday, Jan. 21:  Lost!  The penultimate season!  (Now there’s a good SAT word.)  I have no idea what’s going on with the island and all the craziness, but I hear Sawyer is shirtless for most of the first episode, so I’m there.  🙂

Friday, Feb. 13:  Dollhouse!  HOORAY!  Boy, I hope this shiny new show is as awesome as I think it will be.  But they’d have to work really hard to drive me away from a show involving both Tahmoh Penikett and Joss Whedon, I would think.

Anyway, that’s the impending TV I’m excited about right now.  And for anyone currently lacking a DVR (you know who you are), I’m posting the following Daily Show clip from Monday’s episode, because it is completely 100% amazing:

Adorable dogs + hilarious politics + Anderson Cooper = EVERYBODY WINS!  Best Daily Show segment ever!  🙂

All right, I have to go write about dogs myself now.  I hope your new year is off to a splendiferous start!

Quote of the Day:  "I always blackmail people when I’m nervous. It’s just kind of my go-to." — Wilhelmina, Ugly Betty