Fashion Faux Paw

Still not amused!


IMG_64365You think this is helping?


The bionic dog is not a fan of the "don’t lick your stitches, goofy" collar we had to get her, although I think it’s really quite stylish, don’t you?  :-)  At least it’s not one of those plastic cones — whenever Sunshine sees one of those on another dog, she reacts like Tim Gunn would if he ever saw what I wear every day (that is, if Tim Gunn could express his outrage with loud indignant barking).  And she didn’t have to wear it for long; now the stitches are out, and we’re on to the next phase: trying to convince her that sleeping is just as much fun as playing.  Needless to say, she’s…dubious about that theory.

Guess what I did last week?  School visits!  YAAYYYY!!!!  I love school visits.  Well, first I get really nervous about school visits, but then I get there and remember how much fun it is.  Plus it’s always reassuring to realize how many smart young readers (and writers!) there are out there. 

So first of all, hi to Cindy, Minji, Sofie, Kara, Lindsay, Laura, Madochee, Ji Hyun, Ciara, Huong, and Lucia at Mount Saint Joseph Academy!  Yay for This Must Be Love readers and librarians like Linda!

And a million thank yous to all the wonderful people at Far Hills Country Day School, especially Rik and Lauren and Jennifer and Christine; Scott and Samantha for showing me around; the big Warriors fans like Derek and Charlie and Ian; and all the rest of you with your terrific questions (Katie, Isabelle, Anisha) — I’m sorry I didn’t get all of your names!  I hope everyone else enjoyed it as much as I did.  🙂

I think the only thing that could make school visits better would be if I could bring Sunshine — don’t you agree?  Wouldn’t she be an excellent spokesdog for Pet Trouble?  :-)  Well, maybe we’ll wait until her leg looks a bit less silly, poor little dog.  Then she’ll be like, "bring it!  let me answer the questions!  I know where Tui’s ideas come from!  ME!  I’m the genius behind it all!  ME!  MWA HA HA!"  (OK, yes, possibly we’ve been letting her watch too much Heroes lately.  And who wouldn’t rather be the supervillains on that show right now?)

Speaking of Heroes, I’m very glad we’re getting so much more Ando (and I am having hysterical fits of joy about Seth Green (my #1 celebrity crush) (seriously) being back on my TV), but why on earth does Hiro need to think he’s ten years old right now?  Especially since it’s not all that different from the way he normally acts?  HMMM.  BAFFLING. 

Also, I love Sylar and Elle, so I hope they survive.  THANK you, writers, for finally giving Kristen Bell a love interest!  If the show wants to get back to character-based drama, wouldn’t it be cool to see those two trying to live like a normal couple while hiding their powers?  Especially if they also had a superpowered baby?  I mean, after this whole crazy Arthur Petrelli arc is over.  Unfortunately, I’m afraid what’ll happen instead is that one of them is going to end up dying, which will inevitably send the other one down a spiral of villainy and vengeance.  Yawn, been there, done that.  I vote let them live instead! 

My personal death wish list:  Mohinder, Tracy, Arthur Petrelli, and MOHINDER DEAR GOD WHY ISN’T HE DEAD YET.  After that, as long as Elle and Sylar and Ando survive, I’m kind of meh about everyone else.  I doubt they’ll ever kill Hiro, Claire, or Peter…but Matt and Daphne (and Angela Petrelli) should probably watch their backs. 

(Not amused about this hairstyle either.)

Oh, by the way, I wanted to answer one of the questions I got last week:  What is my favorite movie?  I have so many favorite movies that I kind of blanked and didn’t come up with anything helpful, but here’s a short list, in case you’re still interested (I think it was Scott who asked?).  🙂

Sci-Fi:  I am fairly indiscriminate about loving superhero movies (Spider-Man and the X-Men movies especially); but I also like some darker/weirder sci-fi, like Children of Men, The City of Lost Children, Sin City (VERY DARK!  extremely ooky! rated R for a reason!), and The Prestige (which is so odd that I’m not sure which category it really fits into, but it is AWESOME).

Romantic comedies:  I loved Definitely, Maybe and the new Pride and Prejudice (with Keira Knightley), Sliding Doors, the updated Romeo and Juliet (with Claire Danes), and Shakespeare in Love.

Animated:  One of my favorite movies ever is Spirited Away; anything by Miyazaki is awesome.  I also think Lilo and Stitch is kind of perfect, and I love Finding Nemo, Babe, Mulan, and Lady and the Tramp.

Classics:  I’ve been watching a lot of old classic movies this year, and so far my favorites are All About Eve, In the Heat of the Night, and The Philadelphia Story.

And what I really should have said:  Serenity!  I LOVE that movie!  Surprising, I know, given my Joss Whedon fan credentials.  ;-)  So, I guess my movie preferences are similar to my TV & book taste: I like weird and funny and surprising best of all. 

OK, I’d better get back to trying to make my own stuff weird and funny and surprising.  :-)  Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!  What am I thankful for this year?  Excellent veterinary surgeons, patient little dogs, fantastic teachers and librarians, and really smart readers everywhere.  :-) 

Also: welcome to the world, Elisabeth Adelaide!  :-)  :0)  🙂

Quote of the Day:  "You see? The consumptives plot against me. ‘Oh, Will Shakespeare has a play, let us go and cough through it.’" — Will, Shakespeare in Love