The Bionic Dog Is Not Amused

Someone thinks she looks quite ridiculous.


Poor little dog with her shaved butt and goofy pink bandage!

Indignantly sleeping in a giant pile of blankets. 

But the good news is Sunshine has a fabulous new crate and TRUCKLOADS of exciting treats to go along with her shiny new titanium knee, so hopefully that’s helping, right?


Besides, now we can talk about her bionic titanium knee all the time, and what’s not cool about that?

I’m afraid that’s really all that’s happening in our house right now — carrying Sunshine outside, carrying her back in, lying on the couch with Sunshine, feeding Sunshine treats, telling Sunshine of course she’s still pretty, etc. 

I’m also trying to brainstorm about a couple of new book ideas, but — does this happen to you guys? — I find I can’t get anywhere until I’ve got names for the main characters.  So I figured I’d point you at my two favorite websites for character name brainstorming, in case these might help you, too: 

(1) the Baby Name Wizard, where you can track names by how popular they’ve been over the last hundred years, add your own name to their Namipedia, and read Laura’s blog with lots of fascinating insights on name trends.  I know, I am SO tempted to add "Tui" — how thrilling would it be to actually find my name on one of these baby name websites?  But if they want to know where I got it from, I feel weird being like, "well, there’s this faaaamous author who’s…um…me…."  So I’m thinking about it.  But it’s an awesome site, is the point.  🙂

(2) Nymbler, where you can pick up to six names you like and it’ll suggest similar kinds of names.  Like typing in "Ciara, Sofie, Kara, Lindsay, Laura, and Madochee" (you know, for instance) 😉 gives you awesome names like India, Jada, Grace, Emily, and somewhat surprisingly, Terrance.  Hrm.  Fun game!

And finally, one more hilarious Obama-puppy video, and then I will try to stop talking about it, at least until they actually GET this amazing First Puppy:

Yay!  I absolutely agree, America.  We totally HAVE earned a puppy.  Puppy power! 

More India pictures next week, plus, coming soon: my favorite books I read this year and why you should buy them for people for Christmas (assuming you already have all of mine, of course).  😉

Quote of the Day:  "No one appreciates the very special genius of your conversation as the dog does." — Christopher Morley