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I’m posting early this week, because on Tuesday night, when I normally write my blog, I’m pretty sure I’ll be hiding under a blanket on our couch, wracked with hope and fear and faith and anxiety and wishing and general EXTREME FREAKING-OUT-NESS while the endless television yimmer-yammer makes my head explode.

How am I making it through until this election is finally over?

image    image
A.  Lots and LOTS of ice cream.  The kind I normally save for emergencies.  Both of these flavors (I found Americone Dream in our supermarket!  That has to be a good sign, right?) are waiting in my freezer, and I fully expect to finish both of them long before the results are announced.  Possibly by 10am tomorrow.  A backup ice cream run may be required.  I’ve also been promised pizza.  What?  Anxiety eating, me?  OK, but if it’s only once every four years, that’s OK, isn’t it?  😉

B.  Extremely excellent television.  Season 5 of The Wire is finally on DVD (yay!), and we’ve been saving it to watch this week, hoping it’ll be as awesome as usual and distract us from the TV and the Internet and the Worrying.

C. Pink.  How much do I love Pink?  If I were stuck on a desert island that for some reason had an iPod that only played one artist, I’d pick her.  And her new album Funhouse is MAGNIFICENT.  It’s perfect for blasting at full volume while you clean the kitchen, dance in your pyjamas, or eat two entire pints of ice cream under a blanket on the couch.  Especially the songs "So What," "Could Have Had Everything", "Funhouse", and "Why Did I Ever Like You."  LOVE HER.

D. The Hunger Games, by Suzanne Collins.  OK, first of all, holy bats I love this cover.  You can’t even tell how shiny and embossed it is from this picture, but trust me, it’s all silver and gold and FREAKING PERFECT and I WANT IT.  This is the cover I’ve always dreamed of!  I’m not kidding!  I dream of black covers with shiny embossed foil things on them!  The first editor who fulfills this dream gets a prize!  (Editors, are you listening?  Do any of you love me enough to give me a shiny foil-embossed black cover?)  🙂

The good news is, this book TOTALLY DESERVES this best cover ever, because it is, like, mind-boggling, word-defying amazing.  It’s kind of like The King Must Die (one of my favorite books ever) meets The Tripod Trilogy plus Survivor plus post-apocalyptic reality TV equals RIDICULOUSLY AWESOME.

It sucks you in and is perfect for distracting you from the endless political blog-reading you might otherwise be doing.  Unfortunately, my plan to use this to distract me all the way through the election has already failed, because once I started it (on Saturday) I literally could not make myself stop until I finished it (on Sunday, less than 24 hours later).  That’s how good it is.  BAH.  So now I have nothing to read, but if you need something to get you through tomorrow, I highly recommend this book.  :-)  (Warning!: it’s the first of a trilogy! with no book 2 until next year! I know, it’s like Avatars karma coming back and mwa-ha-ha-ing at me.)

Instead, maybe I’ll catch up on the Buffy Season 8 comics:

imageHappy sigh

E. Gossip Girl recaps at TWoPIt might be too hard to tear myself away from the Internet, but at least while I’m there I can read the hilarious/brilliant recaps of Gossip Girl at Television Without Pity, which are about as funny and entertaining as the show itself.  Warning: they’re a lot scandalous (swearing! gasp!), but SO FUNNY.  Much funnier than all the other things I’m reading online.

OK, everyone!  We can make it!  Almost there!  Just remember to VOTE!!!!  You might remember voting was one of my resolutions for this year (not because I don’t usually do it, but because it seemed like an accomplish-able task that I’d really look forward to), and I CANNOT WAIT to finally get in there and check that box.  EEEEEEK YAY!

I’m going to leave you with some of my favorite political videos from the last few months — you’ve probably seen these before, but if not, hopefully they’ll send you off to the polls (and the crazy lines) with a smile (bring a book for while you wait!  maybe The Hunger Games!  or something by me!  man, I’m suppose to promote my own books too, aren’t I?  um…Avatars 3 comes out next week!  yahoo!).  🙂

First, if you haven’t heard it already, here’s Governor Palin being pranked by the Masked Avengers pretending to be French President Sarkozy:

Too ridiculous.  I must admit, I was like, well, I’d probably sound that silly if I thought I was talking to the president of France…but then again, I’m not running for Vice President of the United States.  But mostly I blame her staff.  I mean, seriously!  (In case you missed any of the French jokes, there’s an explanation of them here.)

Our first glimpse of fabulous Tina Fey as Sarah Palin:

A great PSA from a couple of the stars of Gossip Girl:

This one’s not funny, but it’s really sweet and it made me cry:

And in case you’re wondering whether you really need to vote tomorrow:

YAH TERRIFYING.  Don’t let that be you!

And finally, because it’s still awesome every time:

Do it!  Be awesome, America!  We’re standing on the threshold of history!  Historians will be writing about this election for hundreds of years!  You KNOW you want to be a part of it!  🙂

Vote vote vote vote VOTE!

Quote of the Day:  "Be sure you put your feet in the right place, then stand firm." — Abraham Lincoln