The Awesomeness of Wands and Worlds

Hi all!

I’m in the middle of bananas deadline madness over here (must finish EVERYTHING before I leave for India!) so instead of a full blog, I’m going to give you a really thrilling link instead:

The Wands and Worlds Erin Hunter Chat!!!!

Woo hoo!  Wherein Vicky and Cherith and Kate and I all answer a mob of thrilling questions and hang out with the world’s greatest fans.  Yay!  So you can read that instead and it’ll be kind of like reading a blog by me, if you look for the parts where I’m talking; I’m the one that’s a very dashing mustard yellow color.  :-) 

But you should read what the other authors have to say, too, because they’re brilliant and fabulous and also much more qualified to answer Warriors questions than I am.  :-)  I especially admire how Vicky sounds all poised and answers all her questions with complete sentences in which every word is spelled and capitalized correctly, unlike my "OMG I so excitefghd!" yimmer-yammering.  (You have NO IDEA how fast all this was scrolling across the screen!  Awesome fan overload!)

A million thank-yous to Sheila Ruth and Magicyop for making everything run so smoothly and awesomely.  And special shout-outs to Sparrowheart (in Venezuela!  represent!) and to fabulous Hazelleaf for reading the Avatars books (YAY!) and to everyone (Wolf!  Midnightwind!  Fallenleaf!  Firefeather!  Rayne!  Squirrelflighty!) with all the hugs and glomps and welcomingness — I wish I could have stayed longer!

But then, as now, I have a multitude of things to finish, as it is 2:30 in the morning and thus I only have like three hours to write before bed.  ;-)  I must say, one of the really fun things about writing a vampire character is that she’s instinctively on the same schedule I am, which is to say, most awake between midnight and 5am…although Kira, poor thing, still has to go to school the next morning.  Being a teenage vampire is less fun than it seems, although hopefully still funny.  :-) 

Side note: I am SO GLAD TV is back!  Oh, Gossip Girl, I missed you and your epic ridiculousness.  Every single thing Chuck Bass wore last night was HILARIOUS.  Who else can pull off a mint green suit?  I ask you.  I’ve said it before; this is my favorite time of the year.  I’m even going to watch Prison Break again, now that my favorite character has her head back.  There aren’t a lot of new shows to get excited about, though…it’s almost as if the fall season is taking it easy so I can spend the next four months getting MASSIVELY EXCITED about Dollhouse instead.  :-)  :o)  :-)  Eeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

However, I really need to remember to stop taking vacations and getting married at this time of year, since my DVR is going to be SO ANGRY by the time we get back from India.  YEEP.  We’d better have a marathon Eureka and Mad Men viewing session before we go…add that to the list, right after "Finish All Manuscripts!"

OK, now I’ve spooked myself, so I’m really stopping here.  We’re not leaving yet, though, so more next week!  When hopefully I’ll be a smidge less bananas!

Quote of the Day:  “When asked ‘How do you write?’, I invariably answer ‘one word at a time’.” — Stephen King