Update Update!

Apparently someone thinks we should just be watching the Today show all the time (kind of deviously clever, actually), because One Day They Might Mention BEARS!  But today is not that day, sadly; the new news is that Vicky’s appearance has been moved to Monday.  Monday! 

The rumor is actually that it’s going to be on at 9:45am, which puzzles me, because my TV tells me that’s when Regis and Kelly is on.  So I’m going to tape everything from 7am to 11am, just in case, which I’m sure won’t displease the crafty ratings people at all.  😉

But it has been taped, so presumably they’ll pop it on whenever they have a moment for it…let’s hope it really happens Monday!  Or else this blog is going to get awfully boring.  (no, Thursday!  no, Monday!  no, Donner and Blitzen!)  🙂

If you did record this morning’s show, though, there’s a very cute piece at around 8am all about taking your dogs to work.  (I know this because I was fast-forwarding through and went EEE! DOGS!)  AWWWWW!  Best idea ever!  They show a dentist who lets his patients hold one of his three dogs (two Yorkies and a poodle) while he’s working on their teeth.  Hello, AWESOME.  I want that dentist!  So much yay!  And they look like really sweet, mellow dogs, too. 

Personally, I think everyone should be allowed to bring their dogs to work.  They reduce stress!  And improve creativity!  And are snuggly and wonderful.  I’m working right now with mine curled up beside me.  Awwwww.  And look how productive I’m being!  😉

Speaking of which, while I’m here!  Don’t you want to talk about So You Think You Can Dance?  ;-)  My favorite dances this week, in order:

Gev and Courtney’s contemporary routine — I liked how sweet and quiet and surprising it was.
Twitch and Kherington’s Viennese waltz — this felt more like contemporary than waltz to me, since it was mostly beautiful lifts and spins instead of footwork, but that’s OK because SO PRETTY.
Joshua and Katee’s Broadway — goofy, but fun.

I also thought Chelsie and Mark’s tango was amazing, but I don’t love tangos in general; that’s just me.  And I would kind of like to see Will with a new partner — maybe Chelsea T, who I kind of love, too.  Although Thayne is growing on me so I’m not trying to get rid of him yet.

In the end, I think they sent home the right people, although I liked Marquis’ solo better than Chris’s.  But poor Chris is getting the worst comments from the judges — man, they need to quit that!

Oh, AND one of the things I love best about this show is that they tell you what the music is that you’re listening to, and half the time it’s fantabulous, like for instance "Untouched" by the Veronicas, which Chelsea and Thayne danced to this week.  A hard song to dance to, but awesome for the rest of us. 

What I’m guessing/hoping we’ll see next week:

Gev and Courtney — hip-hop
Josh and Katee — swing
Twitch and Kherington — quickstep
Chelsie and Mark — Broadway
Chris and Comfort — contemporary
Will and Jessica — jazz

Thayne and Chelsea — hip-hop
Matt and Kourtni — mambo

But that’s my wishful-thinking side hoping we don’t get a rumba or paso doble, which I always find kind of yawn, but I’m sure one of those will show up.  If it were really up to me, there’d be at least four hip-hop dances every night!  :-)  Wooo!

All right, enough nattering.  Sorry again about the Today show!  It’s got to be on eventually, right?  Fingers crossed…

Quote of the Day: 
Van Clemmons: Mr. Echolls, I was wondering if I could have a word?
Logan: Anthropomorphic. All yours, big guy.
Veronica Mars