Dragons! Palaces! Topiary!

Oh my goodness, May sweeps is here, and my TV is totally alarmed.  WHAT are we supposed to do when Dancing with the Stars, Gossip Girl, How I Met Your Mother, and Bones are ALL ON at the SAME TIME?  This is some kind of crazy TV cruelty, I tell you.  Especially with Dawn (Michelle Trachtenberg) appearing on Gossip Girl!  And Barney and Robin finally hooking up on How I Met Your Mother!!  So much awesomeness at once!

Speaking of awesomeness, a random thought about Battlestar Galactica (don’t worry, no spoilers for anything):  Are people writing books on these spaceships?  Is there a publishing industry?  I guess there kind of is, because Baltar wrote a book (sort of) that was sort of published last season.  Not that he had an editor, I imagine.  I like how they actually show people reading on this show, especially Adama and Roslin…it’s reassuring to know that even in a bleak post-apocalyptic space future, books are still important and beloved.  Don’t you think?  :-)  Plus I bet the refugees are starving for new books to read.  I’d say there’s a market there, but considering you’ll only ever have about 37,000 readers, since those are all the humans left, it’s perhaps not the most lucrative one.  Hmmm.

OK, on to the last day of our Manohra Song boat trip: the Summer Palace!  Also known as the Bang Pa-In Royal Palace, on the banks of the Chao Phraya River, used by Thai kings as a summer residence.


Here’s what I have to say about this:  I want one!  I want a summer palace!  First of all, it’s enormous and (unsurprisingly) totally gorgeous.

I wish MY house required a map to get around it!

How do you think Adam would feel about a fountain pond in our backyard?  Also a tall colorful tower?  Also…TOPIARY BUNNIES!


But I think the best part was either this:

Hedge elephants!  Elephants made of hedges!


Hanging out with hedge elephants, wooooooo!

Hedge elephant stampede!

What about us?  We’re cute too!


This palace has DRAGONS!


Seriously, I’m not kidding, we took about 40 pictures of this exciting creature, which might be a monitor lizard or a Komodo dragon (or something).  Our guide was like, um, don’t you want to see the rest of the palace?  But…look how big and exciting he is!  Oh my goodness!


OK, other pretty things  🙂

Anyway, eventually we made it back to the Manohra Song and found this:


Global warming left the path to the boat underwater!


The whole temple grounds were underwater!  How to get to the boat?  I opted for taking off my shoes and splashing through it, which meant I then had to hotfoot it over the sizzling metal gangway up to the ship’s deck.  (get it?  HOTFOOT?)  😉

Adam, on the other hand, decided to do this:


And I’m sure he’s really going to appreciate me posting it here too.  ;-)  Mwa ha ha!

Then we sailed back to Bangkok and finally had to stop all the eating.  Phewf.  I think I’m still full from that trip.  Anyway, it was awesome.  Yay Manohra Song!

All right, guys, just to warn you, I probably won’t get to post here next week, since I’ll be in the Land that Technology Forgot (or the Land that Technology Politely Overlooked, anyway), but hopefully after that I’ll be back with reports on my school visits (eeeeek! yay!) and all the awesome readers I’m going off to meet (woo hoo!).  :-)  But have a terrific end of April/beginning of May…now it’ll finally get warm, right?  I’m going to be complaining about the heat pretty soon, I’m sure.  ;-)  I mean, Sunshine’s had her goofy summer haircut for almost a month now!  We’re totally ready!

Quote of the Day:
Moses:  And stop standing around here checking on me! You don’t have to worry. I ain’t about to leave some poor little child stranded in the middle of nowhere. I’ve got scruples too, ya know. You know what that is, scruples?
Addie: No, I don’t know what that is but if you’ve got ’em, it’s a sure bet they belong to somebody else!
Paper Moon (see it!  it’s adorable!)