Cruising the Chao Phraya River, Fancy-Style

Guess what?  One of my lovely fabulous amazing author friends has a book coming out this fall — and now she has a website!  With a blog!  Which I love because it is so pretty and smart (just like Kristin!) and also because I love Kristin.  :-)  And I can’t WAIT for her book!  I am totally dying to read Graceling — check out the fabulous cover on her site!  and all the fabulousness that is Kristin!  Yay!

OK, I think it’s time for some more pictures of Thailand, don’t you?  One of the things we did in Bangkok was take this river cruise up to Ayutthaya on a SUPER-fancy-awesome converted rice barge called the Manohra Song.  AWE. SOME.  We spent two nights on the boat and they took us on guided tours of several important places and seriously, no exaggeration, they fed us practically nonstop.  Adam and I could probably live for three months on the amount of food they produced, and it was all amazing.  I can’t even talk about it, especially this week when we’re living on macaroons and matzoh and I can only dream of pad thai. 

But I can show you one of the things they made for us!:

Honeymoon chocolate cake!  OMG!

So adorable!  I don’t know how they figured out it was our honeymoon.  I’m sure it wasn’t me going "it’s our honeymoon! best honeymoon ever! I love being on honeymoon! every honeymoon should have monkeys and green curry!" all the time or anything like that.  🙂

The first day started with a trip to Wat Arun, the Temple of the Sun.

Wat Arun1
Triumphant return of the Sexxaaaaay Hat! 

I know, isn’t it cool-looking?  All those patterns are bits of Chinese porcelain embedded in the walls.  I was like, hey, cool, awesome thing…until they were like, OK, now climb it.

Wat Arun2

Our guide was all: "Toodles!  see you on the other side!"  [chortle chortle]  Hmmm.  V. sinister.  😉

Anyway, once my legs recovered, from there we got on the boat and spent the rest of the day eating (<– not an exaggeration) while it sailed up to Ayutthaya, the old capital of Thailand before Bangkok.

The Manohra Song!

Oh, we are SO fancy now.  

Yeah, I’m lounging around on a fancy converted rice barge, what’s up.  (Note wedding pedicure!)

The boat was so cool that this little guy tried to sneak onboard:

Nothing to see here!  Very small and inoffensive!  Carry on!  Leftovers welcome!  Please don’t make me leave!


And then the next day we went to Ayutthaya!  Which we LOVED!  We thought this was probably our favorite thing in Thailand (gosh, I hope I haven’t said that about everything so far…hmmm…).  It was huge and peaceful and it actually looked old (I know, there I go again).

Tres cool!


AND!  We rode another elephant!


So…did you guys see The Office last night?  

View from the ground

View from the elephant!

Us:  Lookit!  We’re on an(other) elephant!  In THAILAND!
Visiting elephant:  I wanna be in the picture!  Hi Mom!
Our elephant:  I’m not sure red is my color, y’all.

And then it was on to the Summer Palace, but I’ll save that for later, since now it is quite time for bed.

Oh, and by the way, so much for my fearless DwtS predictions!  :-)  My goodness.  I seriously have no idea at this point who’s going to be in the final three with Kristi.  I still love Shannon and Mario, but everyone is so up and down and everywhere right now.  Which makes it fun and exciting…but I hope Kristi still wins!  :-) 

And I can’t even talk about Battlestar Galactica.  ACK! 

P.S. Happy Shakespeare’s birthday!!  🙂

P.P.S. Emma, if you’re reading this, get ready — something is coming your way tout suite!  And also, hi!  🙂

Quote of the Day:  
Tuco (trying to read a note): "See you soon, id…id…ids…”
Blondie (taking the note): "Idiots". It’s for you. 
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