famous famous FAAAAAAMOUS!

OMG, you guys, I have a new favorite person! I’ve never met her and I don’t even know what her real name is, but look what she did! She made me a Wikipedia page! I’M IN WIKIPEDIA! Just like I’ve always dreamed! I feel so famous! clip_image001 Yay PurpleSunflower!

I know, I probably could have gotten off my lazy butt and created a Wikipedia page for myself, but…is that weird? I thought it might be weird. Not to mention I’d have to figure out how the whole Wikipedia thing works, which I suspect would probably take me at least as long as writing a book.

But I’ve often hoped that if I dropped enough subtle hints (for instance: “Gee, it’d be cool to have a Wikipedia entry” and “SIGH I wish I were in Wikipedia SIIIIIIGH”), that SOMEONE, perhaps for instance someone who lives with me and is extremely tech-savvy and gets to hear my subtle hints all the time, might go ahead and do it FOR me.

Apparently I was too subtle, however, (people do say that about me) (ha ha ha ha ha) and instead some intrepid brilliant stranger has stepped up and done it, which is far more exciting. WOOOT! I can’t figure out if there’s a way to contact her through Wikipedia (see aforementioned ineptechtude) (<– not a real word — don’t use it in your SAT essays!). So hopefully instead one day she’ll see this and know that I think she’s the coolest! THANK YOU!

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Plus, it’s like, even more comprehensive than my own website. Look at all those books I’ve written! My goodness. I should do something about listing them all here, shouldn’t I? I know, it’s one of my resolutions! I’m dooooing it!

But hey, at least I’ve been working on resolution #1, and guess what, it’s totally happening! We’re GOING TO INDIA! EEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! You know what THAT means! MORE goofy travel photos! You are like SO excited now!

Well, first I should finish posting the last set, don’t you think? Luckily I have a few months, because our India trip is in the fall. So, more about that when it’s closer to then, but in the meanwhile I have several trillion India books to read and Bollywood movies to watch. AWESOME!

Not from Bollywood, but a very good movie anyway, is Definitely, Maybe, which I saw tonight with two splendid girls because we could not get our boys to go see it with us, EVEN THOUGH it was so Valentine’s Day last week, like, whatEVer, boys. And it is totally adorable! Mainly I wanted to see it for Isla Fisher (Wedding Crashers), who is one of my favorite actresses and absolutely needs to be in a zillion more movies. And she was perfectly perfect, as was everybody, especially Abigail Breslin (Little Miss Sunshine), and it wasn’t as predictable as most romantic comedies, and generally I thought it was really fun and totally worth seeing.

All right, I’m traveling this week, so I’m currently on a couch in someone else’s house (I know, I actually abandoned my DVR and left my house! it involved packing! so stressful! so many pants! and all of Sunshine’s toys, because how could we possibly go anywhere without every single one of them!). So it’s just a short blog today…but feel free to go over to Wikipedia and admire PurpleSunflower’s work! Yippee!

Quote of the Day: “I don’t know about you, but I’ve had it with super-strong little women who aren’t me.” – Buffy  clip_image001[10]