So Totally Cuter Than That Poodle

hi hi hi!

Guess what’s on tonight? (and tomorrow night!)



As I’ve mentioned before in this blog, this is one of the few issues on which Sunshine and I disagree (others include her constitutional right to cheeseburgers). Personally, I am all in favor of watching all six hours of the show. If it were up to me, everything else in life would be put on hold so we could lie on the couch and watch six hours of very well-coiffed dogs trot in circles. Even the commercials would be accorded the respect given to Super Bowl commercials, since they usually feature Many Ridiculously Adorable Dogs.

Sunshine, on the other hand, thinks the Westminster Dog Show is an UTTER TRAVESTY, and she expresses her opinion by barking at the TV THE ENTIRE TIME IT’S ON. (Her opinion, in brief, is: “Where are the yoodles? Where are the yoodles? What do you mean I’m not a real breed? I’m as pretty as that one! And that one! And what is that? That’s not a dog, that’s a mop! WHERE ARE THE YOODLES?”)

As six hours of barking is a little much, Sunshine usually wins this argument. Besides, as she points out, would I force a daughter of mine to watch Miss America? No, I would not, so I should respect her yoodleriffic outrage.

But we’ll probably wait until she’s distracted and watch a tiny smidge of it, at least. And I can still read Best Week Ever’s blog about it, since Sunshine hasn’t caught on to the fact that sometimes I watch dogs on my laptop instead of on the TV (so sneaky!).

She did let us watch an agility championship last night, which was HI-larious. I mean, she growled at it a lot, but I think that was just her competitive side coming out.

In my wanderings around the internet this week (it’s not procrastinating, it’s RESEARCH) I found out about this completely fascinating book:

Not Quite What I Was Planning

Watch the video on the page to get an idea of what the book is like…isn’t that cool? It’s people’s lives summed up in six-word memoirs, like “Secret of life: marry an Italian” (Nora Ephron) and “Wasn’t born a redhead; fixed that.” (Andie Grace) Some of them are famous people and some are regular folks who submitted their stories on this website.

So awesome! I totally want this book now. If you were writing your autobiography in six words, what would it say? Three of my words would probably have to be “dog” “pyjamas” and “TV,” so, hmm.

Sunshine’s six-word memoir:

Will snuggle for love or cheese.



All dogs deserve cheeseburgers. Especially me.

In other news, it sounds like the writers’ strike is really ending! They could be back to work on Wednesday! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay writers! Yay TV!

And THANK GOODNESS, because I just don’t think I can watch any more Make Me a Supermodel. That show makes me so sad. It’s bad enough how the models all talk about one another incessantly behind everyone’s back, but I think what really quashed my affection for any of them was trying to read their online diaries. OH DEAR. I know it’s a lot to ask for someone to be that pretty and smart, but…man. Plus there is one girl they just keep picking on and picking on and then re-editing to make her look worse and worse because they can’t believe America hasn’t voted her off yet, and the meaner they are the more I want to keep her on, especially since her worst flaw seems to be that she actually has (wait for it) boobs (HORRORS!). Ooof. It gives me junior-high-headache. This is why I need Heroes and Friday Night Lights and Ugly Betty back ASAP, so I can start caring about interesting people again. 🙂

At least there’s wonderful Pride and Prejudice running on Masterpiece Theatre right now! Dreamy sigh. And I think I’ve succumbed to the snarky super-talented charm of Christian on Project Runway, although who doesn’t love lovely Chris, too…yay for a season with so little in-fighting! It’s crazy. It’s like all the venom and animosity got sucked over to the supermodel house instead.

Oh, and hey, have you guys heard about this movie called Juno? It’s, like, totally awesome! You should check it out! I know, I’m kidding, I’m like the last person in America to see it, but I finally did, this past weekend, and it RULED HARD. Juno’s outfits? Especially awesome. Michael Cera as Bleeker? Cutest crush ever! “Whose idea was it? Wait…whose idea was it?” AWWWWWW. And it was all funny and well-acted; I looooooooooooove Allison Janney and she was too cool as Juno’s stepmom. I was so happy she got her Weimeraners in the end! I know, I focus on the important things.

I haven’t seen any of the other nominees for Best Picture. All I know is they have words like “blood” and “atonement” and “old men” in the titles and lots of scowling mustachioed (<– real word!) blokes in the trailers, so clearly I think Juno should win. I mean, old men? WhatEVS.

Well, OK, Atonement also has a cute boy in the trailer, so I guess I’ll give that one a chance, too.


Quote of the Day: “Well, I thought it was funny.” — Stephen Colbert’s six-word memoir clip_image001