Phuket: Animal Edition!

Hi everyone!

Before we get to more photos (elephants! whee!), here are a few more links related to the writers’ strike:

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Actually, there are oodles of blogs and videos out there about the writers’ strike, which is kind of awesome — it’s like, they can’t contain themselves; they have to write SOMETHING! 🙂 And I must say, it’s too bad for the producers…I sure wouldn’t want the funniest people in the world mad at me.

On to more photos of Thailand! We spent the rest of day one on a beach on a deserted island, watching small translucent crabs zip in and out of tiny holes in a way that was somehow both adorable and menacing.

Lookit! We’re on a beach! In THAILAND!
(still wearing our stylish name tags, as you can see)
(Don’t worry, Mom, Sexxaayy Hat is not far away.)
(and that boat did eventually come back to get us…)

Mwahaha, observe my menacing adorableness.

Adorable hermit crab!

Adorable hermit crab close-up!

This little guy was the most hilarious. He kept coming up to the surface and flinging sand furiously out his front door. You could practically hear him grumbling: “Sand! Sand everywhere! WHY is my house always FULL OF SAND?!”

Bah humbug!

Mmmm, delectable toes…

And then on Day Two, we went to an elephant camp!

Hang on, that’s not an elephant.

First we learned about how they use monkeys to harvest coconuts. They send the monkey up the tree, and the monkey spins the coconuts until they fall off. This is what’s called “using your resources wisely.” As Adam said, they were probably like, “well, we’ve got these coconuts…and we’ve got these monkeys…hmmmm…”

Ready, hordes of admirers? Everybody watching? Cameras out? This is going to be pretty impressive!

Monkey hard at work! Spin, monkey, spin!

Yeah, that’s right. I’m awesome.

Scratch, scratch, scratch.

The funny part is, they only have one tree for the monkey-coconut demonstration, so someone (presumably not the monkey) must have to climb back up there after each tour group goes through to tie another set of coconuts up for the monkey to knock back down. The monkey must be like, “WHAT? More coconuts?! Again?! DUDE, what is UP with this tree?”
Next they announced that we’d each get a chance…to sit on a WATER BUFFALO!

Water Buffalo: Sigh.

Us: Whee! I’m on a buffalo! In THAILAND!

And now! The water buffalo! Will pull us around a short dirt track in a wooden cart that in no way looks as if it is about to fall apart!

Us: Whee! We’re on a water buffalo cart!
Water Buffalo: So tell me more about this “strike” concept.

And FINALLY! It is time for…THE ELEPHANTS!

Why yes, I am everything you have all been waiting for. Also the national animal of Thailand. Also dashing and handsome.

Elephant: Hey, do I have something on my head?

We’re going on an elephant trek! An elephant trek! An elephant trek!

Elephants decide to pause for snack. Everyone decides not to argue with elephants.

That is the kind of contraption we are sitting in. Ahaha! Nothing to worry about!

Lookit! We’re on an elephant! (Really. Take my word for it.)

This is our own sweet little elephant.

And THESE are the BABY ELEPHANTS!!!!!!!! Awwwwwwwww. (and ha ha, very funny, no, not the two in the middle, DAD.)

Tui fails several times to photograph Adam at the exact moment of feeding the baby elephants. Adam makes fun of Tui.

Adam demonstrates his exceptional camera skills. Or perhaps Tui demonstrates how to hold a pose longer than half a second, MISTER PANTS.

Fascinating fun fact: Elephants will eat the entire banana, peel and all. Also the entire slice of pineapple, prickly skin and all. Also the leaf at the bottom of the basket. Also the basket, if you get too close.* What I’m saying is, these are hungry little elephants.

Yay baby elephants! Yay Thailand!

*This last one might not actually be true.

Quote of the Day:
Monica: "Do you think your favorite animal says anything about you?"
Phoebe: "What, like, behind my back?"