Phuket – Day 1

I’ve been reading about the writers’ strike today, because, as you might imagine, I am quite concerned about the prospect of no new TV in the not-too-distant future. I figured I should learn about what’s going on so I can say smart things about it when Mr. MBA here on the couch next to me starts asking all his business-y questions. Of course, the truth is, all you have to say to me is “rich old guys with all the money” versus “writers,” and it’s not too hard to guess which side I’d be on.  🙂

But if you’re curious, here are two blogs (recommended by Jane Espenson, who is a TV-writing goddess) that I think outline the writers’ side pretty well (with regular updates and photos of famous people picketing! woohoo famous people!):

Deadline Hollywood Daily

United Hollywood

Here’s hoping the writers get a fair settlement soon! I support you! And not just because I want new TV! Also because you are awesome! Yay writers!

All right, back to the vitally important business of posting honeymoon photos. Starting with Day 1, when we took a boat trip from the island of Phuket out into Phang Nga Bay, where you can see all those cool-looking islands that make you go, oh, yup, that’s Southeast Asia somewhere.

Lookit! I’m on a boat! In THAILAND!

Wait, we have to get into a what?


Er…don’t you want to put a lid on that big honking exposed engine there?

WHEE! Long-tail boat! WHEE!

Which brings us to…JAMES BOND ISLAND! We’re on JAMES BOND ISLAND! Which, it turns out, was not actually blown up at the end of The Man with the Golden Gun. I know, shocking, right? Apparently you can’t believe everything you see in the movies. Don’t we look like secret agents here? Yeah, I’m disguised as someone who listens to her mom, what with the sexaay hat and the ten layers of sunscreen. See, Mom? HAT! Aren’t you proud?

Oh, yeah, I’m totally in a cave right now, what’s up. A cave on JAMES BOND ISLAND! Possibly Roger Moore stood right here! This would probably be more exciting if I ever saw the movie, or if I thought Roger Moore was hot, or if we were talking about, say, Jake Gyllenhaal, but hey, I’m agreeable.

Also in the cave: these little dudes! Is it bad karma to call them little?

I don’t think Ganesh would mind. He seems like a good-tempered guy, which you’d have to be, I’d think, with an elephant head.

Next stop…sea gypsy village! For lunch!

This is a fish farm. They literally catch little fish, then feed them until they are big enough to eat.

Seems more complicated than normal fishing, doesn’t it?

Us in front of the fish farm. As you can see, we are wearing big, super-cool, in-no-way-dorky stickers so that our tour guide doesn’t mistake us for sea gypsies and leave us behind.

Sea gypsy village: full of cats!


and birds!

and houses on stilts!

and…dear heavens, I hope that’s not lunch.

And finally, because I have like two dozen of them, a couple of shots of ridiculously gorgeous Thailand:




And that’s the first half of day one! More soon! Isn’t this fun? :)  Hey, just think about the other 4,000 photographs I’m NOT showing you.  🙂

Dude, I haven’t even mentioned the wedding present my DVR gave me! See, I deliberately avoided TV-related news while we were away, so it wasn’t until I got home, turned on my TV, and went to my upcoming scheduled recordings that I discovered…a NEW SEASON of The Amazing Race!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YAAAAYYYY!!!!! I thought we had to wait until, like, January for that! HUZZAH! Thank you, DVR! Personally, I think they should send the teams to Angkor Wat sometime, because it is freaking awesome. Maybe they could do a task involving monkeys! Oh, yes, I so DO have photos of monkeys at Angkor Wat! Stay tuned…

Quote of the Day: "A writer’s life is not designed to reassure your mother." — Rita Mae Brown