Hellooooooo lovely people!!!!

I’m back from exotic faraway places!

Since we last spoke, I got married, rode an elephant, and saw Angkor Wat, so that’s three life goals in one month, woo hoo!

And I have SO MANY PHOTOS to share with you!

Clearly I mustn’t post them all at once, though, or this blog will be 200 pages long and no one will ever read the whole thing, not even my #1 fan (love you, Mom!).

So here are a few highlights to tide you over until I have them all organized and also have recovered a bit more from the jet lag (it’s put me on this crazy schedule! I get tired at 11pm and wake up around 8am! What is UP with THAT? Hopefully this peculiar development won’t last too long…).

First, some more wedding pictures:
Note the thrilling flowers! Yay Mom for doing the gorgeous flowers! And yay Kari and Steve for building our exciting perfect chuppah!

One of my favorite parts of the wedding…our first dance! Oh, yeah, we totally learned a whole routine — when else are that many people going to be staring at you at once? Aww, look at my studly husband, shaking it in his dashing tuxedo. clip_image004

My sparkling, beautiful, fabulous maid of honor clip_image006

My splendid, marvelous, wonderful family clip_image006[1]

And just a few honeymoon highlights:

This is the baby elephant that was hanging out in our hotel lobby when we arrived. !!! Baby elephant!!!



Us at the Grand Palace in Bangkok

Us at Angkor Wat in Cambodia

Us on an elephant! (see — sitting! as promised!) clip_image004[1]

Yay wedding! Yay honeymoon!

More soon…now that I don’t have a wedding to plan, and I DO have about 5,000 pictures of monkeys and temples, I’ll hopefully be posting more frequently for a little while…whee!

Quote of the Day: "I love being married. It’s so great to find that one special person you want to annoy for the rest of your life."
— Rita Rudner