Quick! Eat all the ice cream in Boston!

Here are a few of my favorite things (in no particular order):

ice cream
my sister (and maid of honor) Kari clip_image001
banana chocolate chip pancakes
my friends Dayna, Rachel, Margaret, and Janet
Indian food
mint chocolate flavored Bailey’s
ancient Egypt
mango martinis
chick flicks, such as, for instance, those starring Topher Grace
Ben & Jerry’s
So You Think You Can Dance
Cold Stone Creamery
slumber parties!

and you know what all of those things have in common? They were ALL involved in my bachelorette party! Yes, it’s true! My magical maid of honor Kari managed to work absolutely every single one of those things into, essentially, the best weekend ever in the history of time.

I don’t have any pictures yet, but I can tell you that we started with grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch and then for dinner went here:

Tamarind Bay Restaurant

in Harvard Square, for naan and chicken tikka masala and mango martinis and something crazy-awesome called dahi kachoris that I’ve never had before, and THEN we went HERE!:




Whaaat? We went to ANCIENT EGYPT? And solved a perilous mystery while trapped inside a cursed tomb with an angry pharaoh’s ghost trying to kill us?

Why yes, yes we did. clip_image001[2]And you can, too! – check it out:


TOO AWESOME! I tell you, Kari totally gets me.

And THEN we went to Cold Stone Creamery for ice cream (sweet cream, banana, white chocolate chips) and THEN we intrepidly went dancing, which so totally made up for the Cold Stone Creamery ice cream that I figured I could have some Ben & Jerry’s Fossil Fuel when we got home, in addition to the Bailey’s-mint chip ice cream milkshake that we each had while rewatching all of our favorite So You Think You Can Dance dances (and I do mean “our”! Kari and Dayna and Rachel like it too! I swear!). Watching TV during my bachelorette party? Oh, yes, I di’id!

And then my lovely friends slept over, and the next morning (er, ha ha, “morning”) Kari made banana chocolate chip pancakes and we watched Win a Date with Tad Hamilton (who doesn’t love Topher Grace? every single thing he said in that movie was PERFECTLY acted) and then we had mac & cheese and watched Strictly Ballroom (eeee yay! makes me cry every time! his dad is so proud of him! everyone applauding! awwww!)

So, in short:

Best. Bachelorette. Party. EVER! clip_image001[3]clip_image001[4]clip_image001[5]

And where was Adam while I was wantonly working my way through every dairy product in New England? He was off in Buffalo having his bachelor weekend of wild debauchery and football! (I know! FOOTBALL! The scoundrel!) So really, isn’t it his fault if my cholesterol is like 3000 right now? I think so, yes. I mean, it’s not as if I’m going to eat tofu and broccoli without him. SERIOUSLY.

So, thank you Kari! Thank you Dayna! Thank you Rachel! Thank you Margaret and Janet! You guys are the super-awesomest. Extra sprinkles on YOUR sundaes at the wedding!

And speaking of That Which Is Barreling Down Upon Us (less than three weeks! LESS THAN THREE WEEKS!), now our deadline has officially passed, so I can officially actually spaz out about the 21 missing RSVP’s (right?). 21!!! Which is much better than 50, thank you, lovely people who have responded, but…21!!! Adam suggested that we put all the people who respond after this at one table together, but I’m afraid that would end up being the most hilarious table in the world for everyone not sitting at it, so we’re not going to do that…YET. But the Slackers Table is still an option! [finger wag]

I think we’re getting things done, though…yesterday was productive, today not so much (although we did clean the house for Adam’s co-workers coming over, and it’s kind of nice to be able to see all the tables again, although I keep panicking that I’ll forget where I’ve hidden some critical wedding document that used to be lying out in plain sight along with everything else in our house). I’m back on my crazy nocturnal schedule because at least between midnight and 6am I don’t feel so guilty about not doing wedding things, which means I can get real work done, and I can’t wait to tell you about this current new book when I’m done with it because I’m learning all kinds of fascinating things, but I’ll save that until later so I don’t jinx it.

So, instead of a blog, I probably ought to update my website next week, but on the other hand, the new TV season is starting! This very week, in fact! I am SO there for Gossip Girl and Kid Nation on Wednesday! (yes, I know, yada yada child labor, but I’m reserving judgment on the whole exploitation thing until I see it. I mean, these kids do sound kind of super-cool.)

I haven’t watched the new Prison Break yet, and it’s possible the show may be dead to me if Dr. Sara is really gone as the internet rumors are reporting, despite the dreamy dreaminess of Michael Scofield. Especially since it is now up against How I Met Your Mother, Dancing with the Stars, AND Chuck. !!!!! My goodness, how many TV’s do the networks think I own? Is this a test? A test of how much I really love television? Why would they do this to me? Well, it appears that I love TV less than I love Adam (isn’t that reassuring?) because instead of making him get me a second DVR, I’m forcing myself to make difficult choices like losing Prison Break instead. You know, for now, anyway. clip_image002[2]If they ever put Battlestar Galactica, So You Think You Can Dance, and Mad Men on at the same time, we might have some real problems.

OK, back to work — more soon!

Quote of the Day: “Can I ask you why you built a flock of robo-birds?” – Marshall Jack Carter, Eureka