Goodbye Stuffed Animals!

Previously on Who the Heck Gave Tui a Digital Camera While She Was Supposed to Be Getting Rid of Her Stuffed Animals?

The oddly piratical Gundy encountered the miscreant responsible for the theft of his sweater…

Avast ye! That be MY sweater, you scalliwag! Surrender it at once!

And the suspiciously cheery Bear Of No Name (since none of us can remember him, or have any idea how he got his paws on Gundy’s sweater) feigned innocence…

Who’re you calling a scalliwag? Surely not MEEEE, with my rakish grin and my fancy French writing on one foot.

Things became a bit heated…

Gundy:Get back down here, coward!
Spectators: Ooooh! Get him! Claw his eyes out! Chew off his fancy French foot!

(Yeah, they’re a lot bloodthirstier than they look.)

The violence escalated!

Ooof! Urgh! Grrr! Arrgh!

Clearly, it was time to call in…THE REFEREE.

Fair and impartial am I, am I, not to mention stupendously cute.

(also known as Panda. What can I say, I was like three when I got her.)

All right, you two. I’ve got my eyes on you. No biting, tickling, or literally kicking the stuffing out of each other. All stuffing stays in! Now…FIGHT!

Gundy quickly gains the upper hand.

Gundy:Take that!
BoNN:Zut alors! Tout suite!

He’s going for the sweater!

Gundy:Ha ha! It shall be mine!
BoNN:Sacre bleu! Faux pas!

Action shot! (Gundy is a blur of grizzly motion! Jab jab!)

Gundy:Give it! GIVE IT!
BoNN:Aieee! Beaucoup! Fromage!

But Fancy French Bear fights back! He seizes the sweater and hangs on tight!

BoNN:C’est MINE!
Spectators: OOOOOOOOOOH! Bite off his ear! Say something French! Hey, ref, are you blind or what?

I assure you my judging is perfectly impartial and panda-rrrs to no bear.

Gundy:AT LAST!
BoNN:Ouef. Quelle horreur.

Spectators: Woo! Snazziness is also yours! You’re so hot! Take it off! Woo!

(Note: Spectators may have missed the point of this epic skirmish.)

Panda:We have a winner!

Panda-monium ensues. (oh, like I could resist)

Gundy poses in all his sartorial splendor.

Fancy French Bear of No Name seems to be strangely unaffected by his ignominious defeat. (Perhaps he has been taking lessons on losing gracefully from Rob and Amber.) (Sniffle.)

Ah. C’est la vie. Fait accompli. Tres passe, anyway.

The Almighty Gundy graciously stops to take photos with his adoring fans…

OK, guys, this time let’s all try to face the camera, please…

Moose: Who, me?

sign some autographs…

…and kiss babies.

(Don’t ask me who brought a baby to such a violent event!)

Yes, Gundy is reveling in his newfound fame, not to mention his swanky sweater. Just one word of advice for our hero…he better watch out for…


Aieeeee! It could start singing and tap dancing any minute! Run for your lives!

Yes, yes, I know. I should be writing. But wouldn’t you rather see teddy bear combat? I mean, really.

Quote of the Day: “I’m sixteen years old, and every day something happens to me.” – Luisa, The Fantasticks