I missed you Blog!!

Alas, poor blog, I have so neglected you.

But! There are many good reasons for that! I swear!

Such as: (a) the holidays. Which means lots of family time, which means going home to The Place That Technology Forgot. It’s not that I can’t access the internet on my laptop at my parents’ house, it’s just that in order to do so, I have to contort myself under their computer desk and put up with the slowest modem left on the planet, which isn’t exactly the most conducive environment for blog-writing.

Also, (b) I’m moving! From a teeeeeeny tiny apartment in New York to a big shiny house in Boston which I love madly madly madly. But you know what’s time-consuming? Moving. Oh my goodness. Also, becoming a homeowner. And learning about things like gutters and wiring and turning off your hoses in the winter and mapping electrical systems, and holy bananas, I’m so ready to get to the part where I have an office of my own with lots of rugs and snuggly chairs already.

Also, (c) everything is in reruns. SERIOUSLY. What is a girl to talk about if there’s no new TV on? I mean, how am I supposed to interact with my friends? What can I rant and rave about in my blog? No dreamy Michael Scofield, no Veronica Mars, no what on earth is wrong with Lorelai and Christopher, no Hiro, and perhaps most importantly for the purposes of this blog, no Amazing Race for me to yearn over.

Although I did have a dream last night that we got to the finish line, and in order to win we had to swim through a pool full of tigers and penguins. TIGERS AND PENGUINS! I wonder if Happy Feet has somehow made penguins about as scary as tigers in my mind. Certainly I couldn’t look at any of our cute penguin wrapping paper this year without shuddering a little bit. Curse you, Happy Feet!

So, I’m excited for February, when we will be all done moving, and I’ll finally have my office of my own, and all my friends…er, I mean, TV shows…will be back.

But before this all happens, I must do many New York things and see many New York people, since I am totally in denial about how I’m never going to see them again.

Also, I must pack. Which…is daunting! Small apartment, but crammed to the gills with stuff. (Where did that expression come from? to the gills? really? does it have to do with stuffing fish? Hmm, perhaps I don’t want to know.) (Fun fact: do you know where the phrase “it’s raining cats and dogs” is from? According to the sign in my supermarket, it comes from medieval times, when cats and dogs used to sleep in the thatch in the roof of people’s huts. So, when it rained hard, they’d slip through the thatch and fall off the roof. Raining cats and dogs! Literally! Well, that would cheer me up, having a bundle of puppies tumble through my roof into my office on a rainy day. They’d be all right, of course, because my office will be the fluffiest room in the house. Adam can have his hardwood floors and classy furniture elsewhere, but everything in my office is going to be fluffy and super-comfortable, as ordained by the rigorous Sunshine Snuggliness Standards.)

Sunshine, incidentally, likes the size of our new house, but finds it not yet snuggly enough. Also, she is not a fan of mopping. No SIR. First, all the furniture moves (and by “all the furniture” I mean “the six folding chairs we brought with us so we could watch all that nothing that’s currently on TV”), and that’s unsettling because there wasn’t enough of it to begin with. Moreover, she’s pretty sure the mop is deliberately chasing her around or trying to fall on her whenever it can. The mop is without question one of her arch-nemeses, along with the Swiffer, the vacuum, the UPS guy, any dog or cat or camel or giant blue blob on the television, and Frankie, the Boston terrier next door in New York (boy, is his life going to get quiet soon!). If it were up to Sunshine, there would be no more mopping ever again, and honestly, it’s hard to disagree.

At the moment I am not packing because I am sick, and a head full of sniffles seems like a good reason to not pack to me. Instead I am on the internet discovering important things, like which Buffy character I would be, according to this awesome quiz:


Apparently, I would be:

Dawn Summers

72% amorality, 72% passion, 54% spirituality, 63% selflessness

Dawn is a person driven by her love for her friends and her desire to make a difference. Perhaps you are, too. You”re willing to do whatever is necessary to do what is right for those you care about, and sometimes this can get you in a little bit of trouble.

Most of all, however, you have a heart of gold.

Which is awesome, because I love Dawn, although if I had a choice I’d probably pick Buffy or Willow or Illyria (Illyria rulez!).

Also, in my travels around the internet, I have discovered that James Cameron has been greenlit for his next big giant enormous movie, which is going to be called…AVATAR. Oh my goodness. Needless to say, this movie has nothing to do with my trilogy Avatars. And neither it nor my trilogy has anything to do with the Nickelodeon series Avatar: The Last Airbender, which is also apparently being made into a movie, that one by M. Night Shyamalan. (whoa, seriously?) And according to this article, both Paramount and Fox are like, “nuh-uh, we own the title ‘Avatar’.” So that should be funny. Maybe I’ll join the fight. “No, wait! over here! it’s my title! can anyone hear me? hello?”

So that might confuse some people, but hopefully no one will be too disappointed when they pick up my book thinking it’s about 8-foot-tall aliens on a distant world and find out it’s about an apocalypse on this world instead. Or, you know, when they go to the theatre thinking James Cameron has filmed my book, and find 8-foot-tall aliens instead. Yeah, that’ll probably happen.

All right, my woozy head is demanding tea and a nap (we have been awake for a whole five hours or something, after all) (me and my head, that is), so I think that’s enough for today.

But Happy New Year! And hooray for 2007! The year I get an office of my own, get married, and get hooked on probably another dozen or so TV shows! Whee!

Quote of the Day:
Angel: She”s a … to be honest, I really don”t know. She”s some sort of ancient demon.
Connor: She have any powers?
Spike: Glad you asked. So far, I”ve established that she can hit like a Mack truck, selectively alter the flow of time, and, uh … possibly talk to plants.
Illyria: I”d like to keep Spike as a pet.