It’s here! Today’s the day AVATARS book one is officially published! Hooray!

Which means it’s really time to take this new version of my website live. WHICH means I’m going to have to be good about updating my blog from now on, on the off chance that Kari happens by here and wants to know what’s happened since we last spoke, which will probably have been about half an hour earlier.

So the first, most critically important thing I want to test is whether I can post pictures in here. Specifically, of course, photos of Sunshine! If this works, here she is in her favorite weather, abundant snow:

Small Snow Dog

WOO HOO! Look at that! Awww. Now if any of my editors are wondering what I’m doing all day, they can come here, see photos of Sunshine, and think, my, I hope she’s not letting small things like deadlines get in the way of making that dog happy. Tra la la.

I’m going to keep this blog entry short, because I have to go poke other parts of my website and make them cheerful (i.e., functional), now that the power to update the site is entirely in my hands (mwa ha ha…). But I hope you’ll come back for more! More pictures of Sunshine! More chitchat about TV! Maybe even some Very Wise Thoughts about Books, someday. 🙂