Contact Tui

Hi everyone!

I have discovered some things since I first put up this Contact Form page, so I’m changing my caveats and promises a bit!  For one thing, it turns out it takes me FOREVER to check these messages.  So while it is still a reasonably good way to contact me for online chats, interviews, guest blogs, school visits, bookstore events, stories in anthologies, etc. — all of which sounds wonderful and I’d LOVE to do any of those! — it may take me up to two months to get back to you.  Because I am writing books for you!  And it’s a lot of messages to get through!  But mostly the first thing.  And the children thing!  Raising children and writing books are kind of time-consuming (I know, breaking news, alert the presses).  😉

On the other hand, I absolutely do read every single message that comes through here, so please keep writing, and thank you all for your awesome, lovely notes!  They all make me so happy, you have no idea.  I’m sorry I can’t write back and become penpals with all of you!  It would be enormous fun to spend my entire day emailing with readers, but I think you’d probably rather have a new book (right?).

A much faster way to contact me about visits and events is to go through the fabulous and wonderful publicity department at Scholastic, where my current publicist is the lovely Brooke Shearouse.  My author visit page on their site has more information about school visits, and you can submit a request online there.  I can only fit in a few school visits a year, but I love doing book festivals, author panels, and Skype visits with classes or book groups, so please feel free to try me for any of those!

Another somewhat faster way to reach me is by sending me a message on my Facebook page, which I do try to keep track of.

If you’d like to send me snail mail, the address to send it to is:

Tui Sutherland
c/o Scholastic, Inc.
557 Broadway
New York, NY  10012

although I am sorry, I probably won’t be able to respond (I have piles of amazing letters from fans I still have to read!).  But I really love all the pictures of dragons you guys have sent me!  Maybe one day we can have an online gallery of dragon art created by FanWings — wouldn’t that be awesome?

And the other caveats still apply:

(1) I’m really sorry, but I cannot read your manuscript or give personal advice on writing, although I wish you lots of luck and will try to blog about writing more often!

(2) I also have no power over making a Warriors movie happen — OR a Wings of Fire movie!  I wish!  I would be completely on board with either of those ideas.  Believe me, it is fun that I get so much mail about this, but I promise, there’s nothing I can do!  🙂

(3) For Warriors fan mail in general, your best bet is to write to Vicky Holmes or “Erin Hunter” c/o Author Mail, Floor 21, HarperCollins Children’s Books, 195 Broadway, New York, NY 10007, since I think they have some kind of response system in place (certainly a better one than I do!).

Other than that, thank you for contacting me!  I’ll try to get back to you if I can!  🙂