A Book Club, Marvelous Articles, Awesome Mugs, and Snuggly Things

Hi everyone! Have you ever wanted to be in a book club with me?  Well, here's your chance!  I'm hosting a Newtonville Books Celebrity Bookclub (I know, that's me! I'm the celebrity! isn't that wild? Dancing with the Stars, here I come!) 😉 on Saturday, April 29, at 2pm and I would love for you to join me if you can!  The book we're reading is one of my favorites ever: Nimona, by Noelle Stevenson!  It's a graphic novel about a shapeshifting girl who decides to sign on as sidekick to Read More [...]

Boskone Schedule and Hugs for Everyone

Hello all! The news kind of makes me want to go back into my cave right now, but instead I will actually be out and about a bit this month, and I wanted to let you all know about a couple of events in particular, which I hope you'll come join me for! Boskone is New England's longest-running science fiction and fantasy convention, taking place this year from Friday, February 17 through Sunday, February 19 at the Westin Waterfront Hotel in Boston, MA.  There will be lots of awesome authors there Read More [...]

Book Nine Is Here! Happy New Year!

Hello lovely readers! I know, can you believe it?  A BLOG!  After all these months!  I just apparently abandoned the rest of 2016 -- to be honest, I was finding the Internet/the news/reality a little stressful (like...everyone? I think?).  So I have been focused on deadlines and dragons (and my two little bears, who make even reality seem pretty wonderful) and planning future projects, which I hope will lead to exciting announcements eventually! But for TODAY the thing I have to mention, Read More [...]

A Seer, An Animus, and the Most Powerful Dragon in Pyrrhia Walk Into a Book . . .

Hi everyone!! It's here, it's here!  DARKSTALKER Day has arrived!  Shiny new crazy book alert!  Yaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!! Travel back in time, two thousand years into Pyrrhia's history, to find out what really happened when an IceWing prince met a dazzling NightWing . . . when their dragonet hatched with more power than any dragon had ever had before . . . when a terrible tragedy befell the Kingdom of the Sea and their animus prince . . . when a young seer met the love of her Read More [...]

YOUR Character in a Wings of Fire Book! Or Have Lunch With Me! Auction Happening Now!

Hi everyone! Remember the charity auction I mentioned in my blog post last time?  Well, now it's LIVE and it is full of crazy exciting author-y things you could win! For Wings of Fire fans specifically, there's this: A book club pizza lunch with author Tui T. Sutherland.  You bring at least one grown-up (parent or teacher) and up to 6 friends who also love to read, and you pick the place (restaurant, school, or someone’s home is fine!).  I will pay for the pizza and send you signed Read More [...]

Back Home to Pyjamas and Bears (and a Very Stern-Looking Deadline)

Hello lovely readers! It's been about a month since my last blog post, which, I've just noticed, seems to be about how long it takes for my guilt complex to kick in and make me do another blog.  Hmmm!  I'd say, "Oh, OK, maybe I'll just plan to blog once a month, then," but I'm afraid that would let the guilt off the hook and then it wouldn't work quite so well and then I would never blog until I felt REALLY guilty.  You know what I mean?  In the same way, if I'm not filled with panic and anxiety Read More [...]

Places To Go and Books To Read

Hi everyone! I'm about halfway through my book tour, so just dropping in for a quick hello to mention the events coming up in the next week! Guess where I am now? That's right -- Seattle!  My first visit here, and it's such a cool city!  Tomorrow -- Sunday, March 6! -- I'm doing my one event in the Seattle area at Third Place Books in Lake Forest Park at 5pm.  Reading from DARKSTALKER!  And my adorable baby nephew will be there, so: bonus adorableness!  🙂 Then Tuesday and Wednesday Read More [...]

Announcing a Shiny NEW Extra Wings of Fire Book! Surprise!

Hello lovely readers! I have some news! Exciting news, I think—I hope you’ll think so! (This is the big announcement I referred to in the Wings of Fire forums chat!) But let’s start with the part you won’t be excited about: Book Nine is not coming out this summer. ACK! I know! Despair! But wait! HERE’S WHY. As some of you have figured out, Book Nine is going to be called Talons of Power and it is in Turtle’s POV. It’ll pick up immediately where Book Eight ended. But Read More [...]

2016 Resolutions: Sleep More (Normally), Write More (Consistently), Snuggle More (with Bears!)

Hello lovely everyone! Happy New Year! 2016 is so exciting already!  Perhaps most exciting for me is the fact that Wings of Fire Book Six: Moon Rising is a finalist for a 2015 Cybils Award in the Middle Grade Speculative Fiction category.  Check out the other finalists in the category, or go here for the full list of finalists -- it's pretty amazing!  These are all books I either already love or can't wait to read.  Clearly, book bloggers are the smartest people with the best taste in Read More [...]

Peril Is Upon Us! Everybody Run! (To Your Nearest Bookstore!) (In, Like, Two Weeks, I Mean, Not Right This Second) (But SOON!)

Hi everyone! GUESS WHAT?  Book Eight is almost here!  And by "almost" I mean even closer than we thought it would be -- because it's coming out a week early!  That's right, you don't have to wait all the way until January...the new release date is DECEMBER 29!!!  That's only two weeks away!  YEEEP!  Oh goodness, I hope you all like it! (Terrifying Queen Scarlet demands that you like it!  Roar!) In this one, you'll be finding out a lot more about Queen Ruby and Turtle, discovering Read More [...]